Faith Yang (杨馥蔚) launches her solo album “Simple Living” (简单生活)!

19 06 2009

Faith Yang (杨馥蔚), who is the female lead in my short film “失去愛” (Love Lost), will be releasing her debut album called “Simple Living” (简单生活) on 22 June 09, which also happens to be her birthday!


Faith recently conducted the media briefing for her album launch. Here are clips of the launch and interview by Razor TV!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And here she talks about acting in the film:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You can place an online pre-order at a special price of $19.90 starting from the 10.06 – 18.06.2009 at her website: Rebirth Shop!

They will be mailed out on 19.06 so it will be in your mailbox by the first day of launch. All online prices are inclusive of normal local postage. Overseas orders will incur additional postage to be advised accordingly. After which the official album will be launched on the 22.06.2009, at an official price of $22.90 at the retailers at this link: shops & retailers

The album is very good! I even used 2 of her songs in my film! She is a person with lots of courage and grit, who is not afraid to do things her own way, much like us independent filmmakers. Get it before it’s all gone! 🙂


The Everyday Man songs of Sam Hui

17 06 2009

Another singer that I like who sings about the plight of the Everyday Man is Sam Hui (許冠傑).

Sam Hui1Sam Hui2

Some may think of him as a Cantonese pop superstar, but I love his earlier songs in the 1970s and early 80s. Like the Hokkien songs singers in Taiwan, Sam Hui’s early songs were about the man on the street, trying to make a living in the chaotic and dog-eat-dog place  known as Hong Kong. But he sings in a comedic way which I find fascinating and warming as well. Whenever I think of Sam Hui, it will always remind me of Singapore director Han Yew Kuang. I love his brand of comedy, and I think it is very down to earth, similar to Sam Hui.

Here are some of my favourite songs from Sam Hui, do they sound familiar? You must have heard it somewhere before 🙂 (click on them to listen)

半斤八兩 – This is a classic! Anyone who have worked before will be able to relate!

雙星倩歌 – A poetic love song like a cantonese opera

天才與白痴 – The most use of 鬼 & 仔 in a song I have heard. Also one of the 1st instances of cantonese rap!

浪子心聲 – One of my favourites!

Script Development Grant awarded for my next film “維護愛” (Protect, My Love)

12 06 2009

Great News! The 2nd film in my love trilogy, working title is called “維護愛” (Protect, My Love), has been awarded the Script Development Grant by the Singapore FIlm Commission (SFC) to develop the script! Hurray 🙂

The film will be feature length and will be on the theme of maintaining love. It is based partly on the love story of my parents, and the story will progress backwards from the present to the 1960s. Here’s the logline:


“They met, fell in love, got married, had children, and hand-in-hand they grew old together. This is the love story of our parents. Told in reverse order from the present to the 1960s, it is a tale that is repeated in numerous families, in numerous lives; a tale that will never grow old.”

Some comments by the review panel:

“Great premise telling a family’s story in reverse, and the characters are real! They have their good points and their flaws, and the vignettes are powerful.”

“Very innovative concept and realistic portrayal of characters and relationships; marketing would be challenging; overall promising.”

Will be posting parts of the script on this blog as I develop it more in detail. Look out for it. 🙂

“失去愛” (Love Lost) reviewed at SINdie

10 06 2009

Jeremy Sing (the filmmaker) did a review of my film “失去愛” (Love Lost) at SINdie! 🙂

Great writing! Offering quite an insight into what he feels about the film. You can click the link here to see the full review: SINdie Review

SINDIE Covers Love Lost

“失去愛” (Love Lost) featured in latest issue of 优1周 (UWeekly)

3 06 2009

“失去愛” (Love Lost) has been featured prominently in an article in the latest 1st June 2009 issue of 优1周 (UWeekly)! Thanks to 林伟 for his great, great support and the terrific write-up on the film! 🙂 Here is the full article, you can click on it to make it larger:

UWeekly Article_June2009_Big