When Hainan meets Teochew

9 03 2010

Been ages since I have updated my blog. Apologies for those that have been following 🙂

Had been helping as Continuity (again) for my fellow filmmaker and friend Han Yew Kwang and his producer Chee Nien with their no budget feature “When Hainan meets Teochew” – the most unromantic romance comedy! haha! The story revolves around the blossoming relationship between a very manly woman and a very womanly man. It is filled with the characteristic comedy touch of Yew Kwang. Hopefully the film can come out in time for the Singapore Film Festival this year. Please support Yew Kwang and Chee Nien.

Filming has been continuing on for about six months now. This is because of its no budget nature, everyone helping on the film, including the actors and actresses are not taking any pay. So the production usually is after working hours like from 6pm to midnite or on weekends only. But everyone still comes to help whenever possible.

Here are some pics from the production (with permission from Chee Nien):

Hong Chye as Teochew looking pretty in a cheong sum. Hong Chye is a well known award winning costume designer in the theatre and film industry.

Chau Min as Hainan looking smart and suave. Chai Min is a veteran in the TV industry and we call her 大姐

The three leads having a shower bonding time! Yeo Yann Yann is acting as Mei Hui, one of the love interest in the film. Guess whose?

Alaric who is Teochew’s brother, Kwang, in the film seems to be having a head banging time.

Hong Chye and Alaric in a pivotal scene in the film. In the background is Yew Kwang (in white) and the DP Ling Hui (in blue). In the foreground with the slate, in red pokka dots shirt, is Warren Sin; he came after work.

The production is using the Canon 5D MkII to film the whole film. Results are quite impressive.

Chau Min trying out the bra for size. She doesn’t look too happy.

Filming a scene with Chau Min and Catherine, who acts as Hainan’s mother in the film.

The Threesome.

The cast trying out the theme song for the film. The song is written by Neal. This is the 1st version of the song and probably will change a bit from the final version. enjoy! 🙂