The WTF! Show with mrbrown – TV Series (2008)


The WTF! Show is a 6-Part TV Series made for SlingHD, a HD channel on Singtel Mio TV. This was the 1st time I worked with the blogger Mr Brown and it proved to be an enjoyable experience! In each episode, we tried different ways to bring freshness and humor to the gadget review genre. We see Mr Brown adopting different persona while reviewing the gadgets like Indiana Brown in one episode, Triple Brown the secret agent in another, and Kung Fu Brown out to seek revenge for his father! It was quite a lot if fun.


The WTF! Show is a technology and consumer gadget review show that aims to inform and entertain.

WTF stands for Wah! That’s Fierce (what did you think it stood for? Haha!) and is a TV show that looks at games, gadgets and technology in an accessible, entertaining, irreverent way that is still credible and useful. It is meant to bridge that gap between tech shows that are excessively dumbed down and those that are only understood by tech geeks. The show started life online as a video podcast and is a popular programme that attracts international and local viewers in the thousands and tens of thousands.


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