Loose Change (2003)



Made as a group project for a 16mm film production short course I took in 2003 at Media Hive. Other than this short course, I didn’t go to any film school at all. I directed, Francis Hui wrote the script and Ng Chee Teng took care of the cinematography.

The story revolves around two main characters – a handicapped Old Man in wheelchair and a Blind Man. The Old Man has been begging at a street, which is his so-called “territory”, for quite some time and is earning a good living.  One day, a Blind Man turns up from out of the blue and starts begging at the same street, just a couple steps away from the Old Man. A fierce competition ensured with each competitor trying to outdo each other with new tricks and gimmicks.  However, one day, their greed exposes both of them to be not what they appear to be. 

The film is also meant as a satire at the current love-hate relationship and finger pointing between Singapore and Malaysia, who are both neighbors and competitors.

It participated in the 17th Singapore International Film Festival.  


2 responses

19 02 2010
Chee Teng

The “remastered” video is up on YouTube. I guess I want to make up for my bad film loading which resulted in the shakes. 😛

3 03 2010
Chee Teng

Changed from YouTube to Vimeo:

Loose Change – 16mm Short Film from Tengo on Vimeo.

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