Hope on the Andaman Coast: A Cliff Diving Expedition – TV Documentary (2007)

A 1hr extreme sports documentary made for RUSH HD – a channel of VOOM HD in America. The film shoot took place at the islands around Krabi and Koh Samui and was one of the toughest shoot I directed! We had to film mostly from boats in the open sea, had to contend with the unpredictable weather and on top of that, the cliffs were really high, some well over 20 meters. It was an arduous task just getting up the cliffs for the cliff divers, and also for the production crew to build platforms that were hanging off the cliffs for both the divers and cameras. However, I got to see up close and first hand the destruction brought by the Tsunami in 2004, and the resilience and determination of the people that were forever changed by it.


The Thai province of Krabi is known for its distinctive limestone hills, as well as the group of over one hundred surrounding small islands. With its lush forests and clear waters, Krabi is a haven for both man and wildlife. But in December 2004, it faced the wrath of Mother Nature. The Indian Ocean Tsunami left nothing but destruction, suffering and death, in its path.

Today, three world champion cliff divers, Joey Zuber, Orlando Duque, and Sergei Zotin, go on an expedition to celebrate another side of Mother Nature, one that inspires awe, courage, and creativity. As they prepare to take on some of the most beautiful creations of Mother Earth, they find their trip taking on a spiritual dimension, as they witness the post-tsunami rebuilding up close.


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