Netball Singapore Pitch Promo (2007)

This promo was made in 2007 for Netball Singapore in their pitch to host the World Netball Championships 2011 in Singapore.

The concept was to be inspirational. It showcases the Singapore National Netball Squad players expressing their experiences and struggles for the game, and at the same time showcases iconic locations in Singapore. The promo opens with a slow-motion heroic tracking shot of the whole squad, and then transits to the different players at different locations as a netball is being passed around. The netball passing shots were filmed in slow-motion to give a feeling of elegance, it was as if the players were floating in the air. The promo ends with Dr Vivian Balakrishnan (Singapore Minister for Community & Development, Youth & Sports) imploring the delegates to bring the World Netball Championships 2011 to Singapore.

The promo was also shown on the channel SlingHD on Mio TV in Singapore. It also succeeded in helping Netball Singapore in their bid when Singapore was awarded to be the host nation for World Netball Championships 2011!


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