The importance of a language is its usefulness?

16 04 2009

Our dear Minister Mentor Mr Lee Kuan Yew recently commented during a “Speak Mandarin” compaign launch that “the importance of a language is its usefulness” when he was stressed the importance of mastering and speaking mandarin.

Like a grass in the wind, which bends which way the wind blows, he advises this in relation to the rise of China. Singapore has “hijacked” English and now we must regain what was lost. So, if India rises in the future, all Singaporeans should start learning and mastering Tamil as well?

Is the importance of language just its pragmatic uses? Mr Lee, you are so wrong and wrong and wrong! I have wrote an article before on this blog about my experiences of having a split language personality. You can read it here.

I am a victim. You can judge for yourself.


Poster for “失去愛” (Love Lost)

14 04 2009

Here is the official poster for the film , designed by Jacke Tan from Whitewords. She is the Production Designer for my feature film “The High Cost of Living”. The chinese calligraphy words for the film’s title is written by my father, he had not written calligraphy in 40 years! I didn’t tell him it was for my film, haha. How do you find it?

失去愛 (Love Lost) Poster

Final 3rd Added screening of “失去愛” (Love Lost) at 22nd SIFF

14 04 2009

If you were unable to get the tickets for the two SOLD OUT screening of my latest short film “失去愛” (Love Lost), good news! The festival has decided to have an additional 3rd final screening! Details are as follows:

Section: Singapore Panorama Shorts 1

Date: 19 April 09 (SUN)

Time: 11.30am

Venue: The Substation, Guiness Theatre

Tickets: $9.50

Date of Sale: From 14 April onwards!

How to Book: SISTIC Hotline: 6348 5555 (for Singapore only) or or

Get you tickets fast! :). C u at the screening!

What was I listening to?

6 04 2009

There is a scene in my latest short film “失去愛” (Love Lost) where I was on a bus as it speeds along the highway from the airport to Taipei city. The countryside passes by in the window. In the scene, I was listening to an iPod, but I didn’t put the music in the edit, just the sound of the bus. This scene only appears in the 45mins version of the film.


Ever wondered what I was listening to? haha 🙂

It’s a song by 伍佰 & China Blue called “夏夜晚風”. I just put in on replay and it played over and over again as we filmed the scene during the long bus ride.

Here it is, enjoy! : 夏夜晚风