The past is past, it is the present that I am sad about

9 04 2013

I see the Night as a Silence that stands before me
I see the Silence as a Monster that wants to devour me
I beg and cry but the Monster just stare at me
Still as every Night
I roared, I hallowed
I sink and dig my claws into it instead
I thought of victory but all is still
You know You know You know
The secrets we keep in our bosom still


I lost my laptop

9 04 2013

My laptop was stolen!
Along with all my photos of you!
I didn’t have any backups!
I didn’t have it in another hard disk!
Why didn’t I saved another copy!
Shit! Fuck!
I went round and round
Looking for it
Afraid I would slowly lose my memories of you
Your face,
Your gestures,
The old fashioned spectacles you wear when we are at the cinema,
The way I found it so cute and just had to kiss you and say I love you,
Our trips together,
2 lives that met and became entwined.
I was stupid…
I saw your new photos on the web accidentally
When I was worried when the quake happened
Thank God you were not there
In Beijing they told me
And married.

I didn’t know, had no idea,
No email,
No letter,
No messages through common friends,
No wedding invitations,
Nothing at all.
You have forgotten
Forgotten it all.

Maybe losing the laptop was for the best
Better this way
And time can do the rest
I know I know
Who am I bluffing?
The photos are still there
I know I know
My brain needs a crash
The spinning white wheel of a non start-up
Then at last I can also forget

Everyone sings Leonard Cohen

14 03 2011

Just to show how timeless Leonard Cohen’s songs are, how influential he is to other singers. K.D. Lang’s version of “Hallelujah” is amazing!

Results of 2nd Singapore Short Film Awards 2011

14 03 2011

The 2nd Singapore Short Film Awards Night 2011 was held last Sunday, 6 March at the Substation. I was part of the 4 person jury for this year. I think there were some surprise that 3 Awards were not given out. Straits Times even wrote an article about it! (Click on it to view full document)

Here are some pics from the awards night 🙂


That deep, gravelly golden Voice

12 03 2011

We came back late. Your room was dark but you just switch on a single lamp. You know I didn’t like to drink. Under the weak light, you went to your rows of CDs strewn on the floor. The soft hiss of the player cover opens as you pop one in. You didn’t say a word, you just let the music play:


“Suzanne takes you down

to her place near the river

you can hear the boats go by

you can spend the night beside her

And you know that she’s half crazy

but that’s why you want to be there

and she feeds you tea and oranges

that come all the way from China

And just when you mean to tell her

that you have no love to give her

she gets you on her wavelength

and she lets the river answer

that you’ve always been her lover

And you want to travel with her

you want to travel blind

and you know that she can trust you

for you’ve touched her perfect body

with your mind


That was the first time I heard this deep, gravelly golden voice. “Who is this?” I asked. “Don’t you know? It’s Leonard Cohen.” It must have been more than 15 years ago. You and I have both aged, You and I have both been through sorrows. But he still keeps on singing, singing, singing……


9 03 2011

世界上最毒之物是什麼? 我常看地理或是動物記祿片,片子時常都會描述什麼植物啊,蛇啊,魚纇啊,昆虫啊,蠍纇等等,毒素巨烈無比。中毒者如果不急時搶救,並施於解藥的話,幾分鐘內必死無疑,還魂乏術。

這些毒素當然很厲害,可是比起我覺得是世界上最毒之物,真是大烏見小烏,少見多怪。這最毒之物 不會讓您在幾分鐘內死 得痛快,而是在不知不覺中,慢慢的把您折磨致死。

“哇!有那麼厲害!到底是什麼?” 這最毒之物就是:女人的一巴嘴!


這毒可厲害了。它剛開始時根本無法察覺,是無色無香無味,無跡可尋。可是每當您身邊的女性再讓她遇到這些不快的事時,她那張嘴就開始情不自禁的下毒。這些不快的事常常是很根本,很複雜,很難解決的。例如事業上的問題,感情上的困擾,婚姻的維持,父母的期待,能力的比較,自尊的衡量,性格上的沖突等等。男人的應對方式是默默的聽著,承受著。可是對女性來說,這無反應更是雪上加霜,意示男的根本不關心, 碎碎唸得更厲害。事情還是沒得到結決。久而久之 ,時間長了,女人一開始下毒,男人就會想避開,有時發脾氣,說她又來了,在發神經病。對女人來說時間只會累積一切的不快,變本加利。 日以月積,慢慢的,這 碎碎唸 就在無形中變有形,形成一種如万斤重的壓迫力。此時,這毒素在中毒者的體內已經潛入五腹六臟,仙丹都救不了。毒素攻心的時候,威力驚人,輕則兩人大鬧一場,事後心平氣和的解決問題,重則有如火山暴發,一發不可收勢,以暴力悲局收場!記得多年前有報導,有一對夫妻,女的不滿丈夫的經濟能力,老是把他跟別人做比較,一直在旁碎碎唸。男的只有默默忍受著。日子久了,女的 變本加利 ,有時在大庭廣眾修辱他,有時甚至在兒女面前讓他下不了台,根本沒尊嚴。男的終于忍無可忍,像發瘋似的把妻子殺了,然后開瓦斯与兒女自盡。


等一等愛情 (Love in a Cab)

1 03 2011

Another project that I was involved in last year was the tele-movie for Channel U, <等一等愛情> (Love in a Cab).

I was the 1st AD and Han Yew Kwang was the Director, with Lau Chee Nien as the Producer. The tele-movie is produced by 18grams Pictures. It stars 白薇秀 (Joanne Peh) & 许立桦 (Julien Hee) as two total strangers that keep bumping into each other while waiting for taxies, and slowly over a ten year period, they find that the other half that they are waiting for is actually each other.

It was quite an enjoyable shoot, although the budget was very tight and the whole production was completed in just 11days for a feature length tele-movie. The Director of Photography (DP) was Liu Long Fei, who had also lensed Yew Kuang’s previous feature <當海南遇上潮州> (When Hainan meets Teochew). The Canon 5D MkII is used as the main camera for the shoot. 李昭敏 (Lee Chau Min) also plays a supporting role as the driver of the taxi that the two leads keep bumping into. Working with Joanne and Julien was a joy, both of them are great actors. They are also very popular. Whenever we are filming on location, hordes of fans will be crowding around, asking for their autographs. And their fans include teenagers as well as old uncles and aunties!

The tele-movie is a light hearted comedy but Yew Kuang employs a series of drawings that illustrate the feelings of the Joanne’s and Julien’s character and also to punctuate the end of a story year.

Some of the drawings used in the tele-movie

李昭敏 (Lee Chau Min) trying on various wigs for her progression through the ten years in the tele-movie. The lady in grey is Doreen, the makeup & hair stylist.

One of the looks for 李昭敏 (Lee Chau Min)

The Director, Han Yew Kuang

A scene on the street outside the main house location. Actually, we don’t have permission to close off the street like that. After discussing with Chee Nien, we decided to go ahead and film there because it is a quiet two-lane road and we can still direct the traffic to the other lane.

Filming a taxi scene outside a club in Dempsy Road. the guy in purple with back facing camera is me 🙂

Myself, Yew Kuang & Doreen checking out the monitor.

Stills from the tele-movie.

Some of the cast & crew.