Mr Charles de Gualle (2004)


Made as part of a TV program for Arts Central in 2004. In each episode, 3 film makers were paired up with 3 different poets and given the task to make a short film based on the poet’s work. I work with Daniel Teo on his poem “Mr Charles de Gualle”. This is also the 1st time that I work with my Director of Photography (DOP), Siew Yaw Hoong. After this film, he has been my DOP for all my personal films since.


What happens when you are trapped at a place for 12 years with no identity, no country and no home?  “Mr Charles de Gualle” is a short film based on a poem inspired by such a true story. It is a tragic tale about a man that is trapped at the Charles de Gualle International Airport in France for 12 years.  He is unable to return to his country, his home, his friends and his family.  As such, he has made the Macdonald’s at the airport his home for the past 12 years.  Memories are his only sustenance. Fantasies his only escape and hope to carry on living.  As his mind wanders, the thin line between reality and fantasy blurs and merge.

This film won the Merit Prize at the Regional Panasonic Digital Filmmaker Competition 2004.


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