Planet Parkour: Singapore – TV Documentary (2007)


Another 1hr extreme sports documentary for RUSH HD – a channel of VOOM HD in America. The documentary follows a group of free-runners or traceurs from Urban Freeflow in the UK, as they embark on a Parkour Journey through Singapore. The sport of Parkour originated in France and quickly spread through out the world. It was featured in a Luc Besson’s film called “Yamakazi”. The shoot was exciting as these free-runners were able to move through the urban landscape so elegantly and freely, it is like a dance. I had to choreograph some of the moves together with Ez, the Technical Advisor from Urban Freeflow. There were also some exciting moves like a leap across a 20 meters high gap at a stairway in National Stadium, jumping from the rooftops of Esplanade, and a handstand at the top of a 7 stories Pagoda in Chinese Garden!


They jump off high platforms, scale walls and maneuver over railings, effortless and beautifully. These athletes are called traceurs and their passion for Parkour is more than a sport, it’s a philosophical way of being

Today, at a crossroads in the history of the movement, a multicultural group of traceurs visits the crossroads of the world, Singapore, to celebrate their exhilarating journey so far. As the traceurs tackle different landmarks around the island, they also uncover some deep connections between the different Asian philosophies, and their own radical discipline. They meet a group of fascinating locals, including a Wushu master, an Indian classical dancer, a Malay Silat expert, and a yoga guru. Through these people, the free runners re-tell the birth, consciousness, growth and nirvana of Parkour.

In this one-hour documentary, the free runners find themselves on an amazing journey of body, mind and spirit.


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31 12 2009
Planer Parkour Singapore « Leetaah

[…] 31 december 2009 Planer Parkour Singapore Posted by Helena under Allmänt Leave a Comment  Hemma efter några sista inköp slår vi på tvn (Rush HD heter kanalen) för att relaxa lite innan Robbans föräldrar kommer.. och då ser vi detta.. […]

20 09 2011
'Aaron Starz'

i would like them to teach me some parkour tricks. 🙂

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