“Love Lost” screening at Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival

10 08 2009

Just came back from the Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival in Yogjakarta, Indonesia! 🙂


My latest short film “Love Lost” was shown to a sold-out audience! It was a very good experience.

What is special about this festival is that there were a lot of student filmmakers from the different communities and regions of Indonesia. They all came to the festival to show their short films in a side bar program call “Forum Community”. There were about 100 of them and Garin Nugroho (the festival president) had to put them up at a hostel. The community filmmakers even invited me to screen my film at the hostel. It was a great experience even though they just had a projector, a loud speaker and a DVD player in the courtyard to screen my film. What I felt is that there is something bubbling among these student filmmakers. They don’t depend on anyone to make their films. I think this is a very good way of nurturing the next generation of Indonesian filmmakers. Below are some highligts from the festival:

IMG_6970IMG_6974The Opening Ceremony at the main festival venue, Taman Budaya


IMG_7001Forum on “Dream of a Nation: Cinema, Identity & Nationalism”. The speakers are L~R: Dharmasena Pathiraja (Sri Lanka Master Director), Sivamohan Sumathy (Sri Lanka Writer), Anis Baswedan (Indonesian Lecturer), Nuraini Juliastuti (Moderator), Garin Nugroho (Indonesian Director), Paolo Bertolin (Programmer from Venice International Film Festival)

IMG_7014During the screening of my film “Love Lost”

IMG_7017Some of the audiences at the screening of my film “Love Lost”

IMG_7068Photo op at Borobuda, the biggest buddhist temple in the world. From L~R: Warren Sin (Curator from National Museum of Singapore), Myself, Paolo Bertolin, Frida Farid (Hospitality from JAFF), Fadli Al-Akiti (Malaysian writer & film critic) & Yuni Hadi (From Objectifs Films Singapore)

IMG_7073Warren trying to touch the Buddha statue inside the Pagoda for good luck. It’s not easy!

IMG_7074Yuni also giving it a go!

IMG_7042Yuni & Garin Nugroho on a trishaw. The pic is quite blur but they seems to be having a blast!

IMG_7079Community screening for Indonesian Short Filmmakers at JAFF

Jaff5-300x224JogjaThe community filmmakers invited me to their hostel where they were put up to show my film! It was a great experience as it was just shown in their courtyard with a DVD player, a OHP screen and a beat-up speaker. We had a very lively discussion afterwards.

IMG_7098Having dinner at a traditional Javanese restaurant. The person sitting next to Warren is Azhar Rudin (Malaysian Filmmaker)

IMG_7113Waiting to get on the bus. Sitting next to Fadli is Ridla An-Nuur Setiawan (Producer from Bundung)

IMG_7139Myself and Frida

IMG_7106IMG_7104Press Conference for JAFF. From L~R: Budi Irawanto (JAFF Festival Director), Christine Hakim (Indonesian Actress) & Garin Nugroho

IMG_7083Myself & Garin Nugroho

IMG_7114More photo op at the last day of the festival

JAFF Closing Party!




4 responses

12 08 2009

wow, so fast!!! ive just written something about the filmf estival today but ure too fast, haha

14 08 2009

i’m so glad to read your notes….

i think, 4th JAFF give me a lot of experience, especially can meet with many people from different countries

17 08 2009

hey, so here’s the review, but it’s in Malay, u need to traslate it, cheers:

12 09 2009

proud to know my name and photos listed in your blog….. ^_^
goodluck always for you……

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