About Leonard Lai Yok Wai

I am a Film maker from Singapore. This blog is where I post news about my films, what I have been up to, things and films I have seen, my musings and rantings!

Before making films, I was a civil engineer for 5 years. My desire to be a film maker grew over the years and in 2003 when I was 30 years old, I look back at what I have done and achieved, and decided that I have reached a crucial turning point in my life. I could continue living my life as an engineer or I can choose a path that is not certain and clear as a film maker. I chose the later, knowing that once this decision is taken, I cannot turn back. 

Since then, I have been actively involved in the feature film industry in Singapore.  I started out as the Script and Continuity Supervisor on the feature film “Perth” directed by Djinn Ong and then the Hong Kong-Singapore Production “Hainan Chicken Rice (海南雞飯)” directed by Kenneth Bi and starring Martin Yen & Sylvia Chang. I also worked with Jack Neo in the same position on “Best Bet (突然發財)” and then MTV Asia’s first English drama “Rouge”.  I was even the Sound Recordist on the DV feature film “S11” directed by Joshua Chang & Gilbert Chua.

I also started directing during the same time. My works include the DV short documentary “A Family Reunion” which won the 1st Runner-up prize in the Open Category for the Family Movie Magic Contest in 2003. My next short film “Mr Charles de Gualle” won the Merit Prize at the Asia Regional Panasonic Digital Filmmaker Competition in 2004. “The High Cost of Living”, completed in 2006, is my Debut Feature Film and it won the award of “BEST FEATURE FILM” at the 9th International Panorama of Independent Film makers 2007 in Greece. I have also completed two High Definition (HD) extreme sports documentary in 2007, Hope on the Andaman Coast – A Cliff Diving Journey & Planet Parkour – Singapore, for American HDTV Network, VOOM HD. I am currently working on my next film projects on the 3 stages of Love – Losing, Finding & Maintaining Love.  

That is my life history in a nutshell so far! The journey continues…….

You can contact me at my email: yokwai@yahoo.com

Thanks for stopping by.


4 responses

25 10 2008
steph chai

hey len! congrats – how can one watch your latest film? good luck with your dream:)

26 10 2008

Hey steph!

How’s everything?! heard that you have stopped hosting Sling Wrap from Adam. I think he misses you, haha.

Yeah, my films are a bit heard to catch as they are not released on DVDs yet. But Sinema Old School in Singapore (11B Mount Sophia, Old School, #B1-12 Singapore 228466) is showing my 1st feature film “The High Cost of Living”. They will be programming it for 6 months. So, the next time you are in Singapore, check out the website: http://www.sinema.sg/oldschool/

keep in touch! By the way, I saw you hosting “Luxury China” on CNA. 🙂

21 01 2009
Triantafillenia Michou

Having taken the movie The high cost of living from my photography school and after a some sleepless midnight hours I decided to watch the film to end up really moved to another sentimental level. Really shocked by how this movie progressively and silently was going into me deeper and deeper.Few hours ago Dali had offered me a different trip.
Music oh!! So,Nan Goldin! Watching her talking followed by the music yes,it was so exact!
Thanks for the experience.Keep feeling…

12 08 2009

Wish you the best on film making, great blog

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