Production Pics of 失去愛 (Love Lost)

23 10 2008

Had a quick look again through the production pics for 失去愛 (Love Lost) when I shot in Taiwan early in the year. Memories, memories………..

The Hair & Makeup Artist-李霓, showing one of her moves to Me, the 1st AD-Circle Huang (黃原) & Faith Yang (back facing camera) during an over-nite shoot

Faith & 李霓 sharing a moment 🙂

Me, DOP-Siew Yaw Hoong & Camera Assistant-林健德, on the rooptop of a building preparing for a shot. We later found out that 啊德 (as we like to call him) and the 1stAD-Circle 黃原 are good buddies with the Taiwanese Singer 吳克群 (Kenji Wu)! 吳克群 stayed at 啊德’s house before he make it big, they even shared a bowl of cup noodles when 吳克群 was too poor to eat!

Me & 李慈 checking out a shot. She plays the mother at the playground in the film. The Little Boy who appears in the scene is her son, 李思恩. I mainly used non-professional actors for the film.

陳正 and me checking a shot. He plays a Policeman in the film, but unfortunately his scene was cut in the final edit of the film. I heard from Circle that he went to film a Idol TV Series (偶像劇) in China after my film!

啊德 & Me waiting for the rain to stop for a scene. Notice I am in my pajamas……

I needed a 小吃店 (food eatery) for one of the scene and Circle found this. Circle is a regular customer of at the eatery & the Lady Boss 林曼華 was such a generous person. Her noodles are very good as well. Highly recommended!

We were recording the atmosphere sound in a cafe after a scene, somehow we just went a little bit crazy. We were actually suppose to keep real quiet…….




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23 11 2008

Well said.

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