Her name is Erika

27 04 2010

Dreams are such strange things. The emotions you feel are real but the reality of the dream is just an illusion. Sometimes at the moment of waking, we remember; sometimes we don’t. I haven’t thought about you in a long time.

You said your name is now Erika. I liked your real name better. You came back because the company you are working with have sent you here. I wanted so much to touch you. But your guests have arrived. A Caucasian man came to you and gave a friendly hug in greeting. More Caucasian men walked in, some bearded, most looking lost and sad, their eyes said that they are searching for something. I guess they are here for your workshop, and you look busy. I quietly walked away. I wondered if you have noticed.

Erika, Erika……When did you started calling yourself Erika?……





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