Asian Film Archive: UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

29 10 2009

The good people at the Asian Film Archive (Bee Thiam & Tee Pao) are doing a important job of preserving our film heritage. Together with UNESCO, they are launching a series of online video advertisements to raise awareness on the importance of film preservation. Below is their call to battle 🙂 :


As part of its education and outreach efforts, the Asian Film Archive is, for the first time, launching an online campaign to generate greater awareness of the importance and urgency of saving Asia’s film heritage. In line with UNESCO’s message on World Day for Audiovisual Heritage to save a fading heritage, the Archive anticipates that this series of videos will reach out to the public as well as film communities with the vital message on the need to properly and adequately preserve their filmic works.

In Asia’s tropical climate and environment, films in both print and digital video formats can disintegrate rapidly when not kept properly. Even films in the digital format are not spared given that the longevity of the digital format is still under scrutiny. Through these videos, the Archive hopes to generate the realisation in filmmakers on how urgent it is to archive their works early as they become aware of the fragility of their creative works physical shelf life when stored improperly.

Released on YouTube, these part informational and part tongue-in-cheek videos will be released online periodically. Two videos have already been uploaded onto the Archive’s YouTube channel (, as well as on its Facebook group.

In conjunction with the online campaign, the Archive also held an In Conversation With Filmmakers session on 22 October 2009 at The Arts House, in which filmmakers and film producers engaged in discussion with the Archive on the issues of film preservation. The pictures: and blogpost:


Asian Film Archive

The Asian Film Archive is a non-governmental organisation founded to preserve the rich film heritage of Asian Cinema, to encourage scholarly research on film, and to promote a wider critical appreciation of this art form. As an important nexus, it brings together the various segments of the Asian film community in order to open and enrich new intellectual, educational and creative spaces.

For more information, please contact:

Asian Film Archive

Tan Bee Thiam

Executive Director

T: (65) 6777 3243

F: (65) 6543 1643






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