“AVON-Forget Your Age” Spot in Bangkok, Thailand Aug 2009

28 08 2009

Had to cut short my visit to Hong Kong because of a TV commercial job in Bangkok, Thailand. It is for a skin care and cosmetic brand called AVON, which is quite big in China & Taiwan. I had earlier worked as 1st AD for the same production for an earlier shoot in Taipei in July 09. The shoot in Bangkok was for 3 days and my role is smaller this time, as Continuity/Script Supervisor.

This is the 1st time I heard of having a Continuity/Script Supervisor for a TVC. This is because they are shooting 2 versions of the TVC, a China version and a Taiwan version. So they need a Continuity/Script Supervisor to ensure all the shots are done and also to communicate in Mandarin for the Main Talents who are from China & Taiwan. In each version, there are a total of a 30sec spot and 3x15sec cut down. There are 3 scenes in the TVC – a Beach scene, a Dinner scene & a Birthday Party scene. The talents for the 3 scenes in each of the versions are the same, except for the Birthday Party scene where the Main Talent for the China & Taiwan versions are different. Confused yet? hahaha…….:)

Here are some pics from the shoot:

IMG_7388Setting up at a beach which is 2hrs drive from Bangkok! Calltime is 4am at the hotel!

IMG_7390DOP Gosta Reilland (on the right with harness) trying out his handheld rig harness. On the left is the 1st AD, Monchai Petchsrisom. He was the 1st AD for this very famous VISA Card TVC with the Tuk Tuk driver and Pierce Brosnan & Zhang ZiYi.

IMG_7392Setting up a Beach shot. In the background is the Beach Scene Main Talent, 杨钫涵 (Yang Fang Han) from China.

IMG_7395The Director, Agency & people from Shanghai Job (the main production house) crowding around the monitor. From L~R: Janene Fitzgerald (in white with hand to face – Producer from Shanghai Job), Thomas Wommelsdorf ( in black with cap – German Director), Ken Ng (in grey with hat –  Producer from Shanghai Job), Colin Lai (in white with hands on waist – Executive Producer & Partner of Shanghai Job) & Kenny Chu (sitting in chair – Executive Creative Director of the agency SOHO Square).

IMG_7396A Green Screen shot. The Thai crew was SUPER FAST! Had the screen up in under 5mins!

IMG_7397On the platform for a timelapse shot of some letters on the beach being washed away by the rising tide.

IMG_7401The Director, Thomas Wommelsdorf giving instructions to the Thai Art Department for the letters on the beach.

IMG_7398The on-set studio that the lighting crew set up. Very Pro!

IMG_7404Setting up a beauty shot in the on-set studio with 杨钫涵 (Yang Fang Han).

IMG_7408In a Bar location – Long Table Restaurant. This location cost 1million Baht for 2 nights – roughly SGD$42,200 for 2 nights!

IMG_7413The China Party Scene Main Talent, 郭碧婷 (Guo Biting) from Taiwan, in green, infront of the cake. I worked with her for the AVON spot in Taiwan as well in July 09. She had acted in a Taiwan film in 2007 called  沉睡的青春 (Keeping Watch).

IMG_7419Setting up for the Dinner Scene.

IMG_7423Me & the 1st AD-Monchai

IMG_7428IMG_7426The Dinner Scene Main Talent, 陳若萍 (Chen Ruo Ping) from Taiwan. She was in 台灣霹靂火!

IMG_7435Setup for a entrance shot through the glass doors.

IMG_7437Look at the scaffolding and truss the Thai crew setup just to get reflections on the glass door. They did it vey fast as well, in 30mins! Fantastic!

IMG_7445The setup for water reflection shot. The sandbags are to build up a pool of water & also to prevent the water from escaping.

IMG_7449Lining up for a reflection shot with 陳若萍 (Chen Ruo Ping) from Taiwan.

IMG_7473The Taiwan version Party Scene Main Talent, 陳喬恩 ( Joe Chen Qiao En) in blue.

IMG_7481Myself, Monchai, Leon (Producer from Shanghai Job) and the Thai talents for the Party Scene – Siratcha, Nutprapas & Pichamon. Don’t their names sound like from Pokemon! 🙂




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