Happenings at 5th InDPanda 2009, Hong Kong

27 08 2009

Had a wonderful time and screening in Hong Kong for the 5th InDPanda 2009! 🙂 Many thanks to festival directors, Jonathan Hung & Henry Chan, for inviting my film “失去愛” (Love Lost) and myself for the festival. I had to cut short my stay and fly to Bangkok for a commercial job, which I didn’t wanted to go because I haven’t watch enough films! 🙂

Here are some pics from the festival:

IMG_7160IMG_7157Screening Venue: Broadway Cinematheque. They have a great DVD store and Bookstore as well!


IMG_7164The Attic Room where I stayed. It is on the 14th Floor of the same building as the office of the festival. It is like an apartment run by an Arts Group called ACC. There are 3 rooms in the apartment and Jonathan arranged for me to stay in the Attic Room because of the great view. I have to watch my head every time I go down the stairs though, haha.

IMG_7170The great view from my Attic Room. I can see Victoria Harbour!

P1410469Jonathan Hung (Left), Myself & Henry Chan (Right) in some SERIOUS discussions….asking for info on some good place to get DVDs!

IMG_7219IMG_7198IMG_7249Day and Night view of Hong Kong from The Peak. They even have a light show on the buildings at 8pm! 🙂

IMG_7290Victoria Harbour. View from Kowloon side.

IMG_7305The Walk of Stars

IMG_7325Ann Hui’s handprint!

IMG_7338Myself and…..myself again in the poster for “失去愛” (Love Lost).

IMG_7335The film was categorised as category IIB by the censors.

IMG_7346IMG_7364The Q&A after the screening of my film. As it was the last screening of the day, the Q&A was done very late, past 12am! I was surprised anybody stayed behind at all! 🙂

IMG_7373After the screening. From L~R: 李俊宏 (Li Chun Hung – Director from Taiwan), Jonathan Hung, Myself, Mona Long (friend of Chun Hung) & Henry Chan.

P1410845Having a cooling time at a dessert store after a screening. On the extreme left is Paolo Bertolin (Programmer from Venice Film Festival) – he was on a stopover in Hong Kong. Third from left is Wilson Yip, Singapore Director of the short film “Madam Chan”.

IMG_7380Me and Mona showing off the finished dessert! 🙂

IMG_7381The gang having breakfast. Chun Hung & Mona were going to the airport after this.

P1410886Me checking out the butter! 🙂




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