Script Development Grant awarded for my next film “維護愛” (Protect, My Love)

12 06 2009

Great News! The 2nd film in my love trilogy, working title is called “維護愛” (Protect, My Love), has been awarded the Script Development Grant by the Singapore FIlm Commission (SFC) to develop the script! Hurray 🙂

The film will be feature length and will be on the theme of maintaining love. It is based partly on the love story of my parents, and the story will progress backwards from the present to the 1960s. Here’s the logline:


“They met, fell in love, got married, had children, and hand-in-hand they grew old together. This is the love story of our parents. Told in reverse order from the present to the 1960s, it is a tale that is repeated in numerous families, in numerous lives; a tale that will never grow old.”

Some comments by the review panel:

“Great premise telling a family’s story in reverse, and the characters are real! They have their good points and their flaws, and the vignettes are powerful.”

“Very innovative concept and realistic portrayal of characters and relationships; marketing would be challenging; overall promising.”

Will be posting parts of the script on this blog as I develop it more in detail. Look out for it. 🙂




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