Got Ghost Meh?

31 05 2009

Was busy for the last 2 weeks working as the Continuity & Script Supervisor for Jack Neo’s new film. It’s called “Got Ghost Meh?” and is a horror comedy. It consist of 3 different stories and I was only involved in the last story. Have not done Script Sup for quite some time, so it was hard at first starting.

Jack’s style of directing had evolved since I last worked with him on “突然發財 (Best Bet)”. The dialogue in the script is only a guide. When he is on the set, he will improvise and come out with entirely new lines. The lines will vary sometimes from take to take. It is great for the energy of the scene, but hell for the actors and the Script Sup! haha 🙂 I guess you have to be able to go with the flow working with him, and that includes the technical crew like camera and lighting. Jack is a great director when it comes to acting, but for the visuals side, he will need to depend on his Director of Photography (DP) to give him what he envisions. Here are some pics from the shoot.

CIMG4408塋塋 and her dummy

CIMG4432Amandi Wong (DP-in white) and Dean (Camera Assist-in yellow) having a karaoke session at the camera


啊南 (left) and 王雷 (right) all tied up

CIMG4518Doing a blue screen shot with 啊南 hanging!

The film will be out in August, so watch out for it!




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