From Dyanne

11 05 2009

I was so busy when I volunteered for the Singapore International Film Festival as Cinema Manager that I watched very little films during the festival this year. One of my duties was also to conduct the Q&A for some films after the screening. Dyanne Asimow is a filmmaker from America and her documentary film is called “Bill’s Mountain”. Good film. I conducted her Q&A. I was very surprised when I came into the festival office the next day and one of the staff pass me a note. It was from Dyanne and here is what she says:


I just watched your film and I thought it was wonderful. I wanted to talk to you about it while I was filled with enthusiasm. You have an amazing visual sense, and an ability to convey the emotional depth of a story with a minimum of dialogue. I hope to see you before I go. I’ll be back in the USA April 30. Honestly – your short reminded me of what film is supposed to be.


It warms my heart and brightens my day when a fellow filmmaker likes my work. I will continue to strive and make films.Thank you Dyanne.




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