From Sam

6 05 2009

I recieved a very touching email following the last screening of my film “失去愛” (Love Lost) at the 22nd SIFF. It was from an audience who came for the screening, Sam. I am very glad, very humbled that he liked my film and it has touched him. It makes me remember why I am a filmmaker. The power of cinema is that it transcends gender, just emotions and sincerity remains on the screen. Here’s what he says:

Hi Mr Leonard,

On 25th of Apr, I went to watch your short film during SIFF period. At first i chose to watch Singapore Panorama Shorts 1 because of Tanjong Rhu. But ended up, I love your short film -Love Lost very much. 

During the Q & A session, you mentioned that you made this short film, because of your passed love. And you mentioned that, up to now, you still can’t give up of your passed love. I feel very touching about it.

Being a gay, I also experience the same thing. I have been waiting for my ex bf, for 6 years already. 

I knew him during my NS time. That time, I had already knew he got a bf. So I knew that we can only be friends. However, he started to date me out and expressed his feeling towards me that made me accepted him as my bf. I never asked him to leave his bf or chose one of them. I just wanted to be together with him only. However, our love ended half a year later, because he felt guilty towards his bf.

All these 6 years, I often passed by the places that we used to go, hoping that I can see him. Yes, i saw him 2 times this year, on the street. However, he just pretended he didn’t see me and walked away. Made my heart feel so pain. 

Till now, I still didn’t give up hopes that one day, we will patch back again. 

I totally understand how you feel when you lost your passed love and still waiting for your passed love to return back to you. 

I hope your passed love will understand you one day and patch back with you.

Wish you all the best and good luck for your next 2 films.

Sam Tan




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