Production Pics for “The High Cost of Living”

26 10 2008

Transferred from my Multiply site. Some of the production pics taken during the filming of “The High Cost of Living”. That was back in the end of 2005, can’t believe it is almost 3 years already. You can also listen to the excellent theme of the film composed by Ethan Tan here: high-cost-of-living theme.

 (L~R): Jeremy Chua-Gaffer, Siew Yaw hoong-DOP, Sam-Production Sound, Raymond Ee-Grip, Janice Ho-1st AD & Jevin Lim-Boom Operator. We were filming at an alley in Little India.

(L~R): The 3 stooges – Aloysius (Brian Liau), Gid (Roy Ngerng) & Lily (Andrea Lim)

A tension filled dinner between Christine (Jean Low) & Aloysius. On the edge of the pic on the right is Shireen Choo-2nd Camera Operator


Chaudhary (Hamish Brown), the mysterious agents’ boss.

Christine in her bedroom. On the extreme right with earphones on is Nelson Pereira-Production Sound.

Funeral Parlour set for Liao Chun Tong’s (Vins Ng) funeral.

Aloysius’ car with the windscreen smashed! This was a difficult scene to film, and we had 3 small accidents that night while filming the scene. The 1st was that one of the Grip, Raymond Ee, cut his hand before filming got started. The 2nd was that Joseph Quek (as Wenfa) who smashed the windscreen was only supposed to damage it, but he was too into character and smashed the whole windscreen. His hand was slightly cut and we had to send him to the hospital. The 3rd was that I had intended also to damage the body of the car, and while we were filming it, one of the art assistant came running frantically to my 1st AD and told her we can only smash the windscreen!

Me: “No, no, no. You have to do the kissing scene again. And on the bed this time.” Andrea’s & Roy’s enthusiastic response……. 

Long (Timothy Nga) taking a break between killing the villains. I survey the carnage.

Guy Ho – the Gun Technical Advisor (Middle) giving some tips to Roy & Timothy on firing of a weapon at a live range.

Sulee (Yeo Yann Yann) covered in blood, but happy!

Sulee (Yeo Yann Yann), covered in blood and acting dead this time.

3 innocent victims of the violent act of film-making!

The Art Department had their hands full trying to reset this scene back for a 2nd take.

DOP-Siew Yaw Hoong considering his options for the scene.

Quiet on the set! And Action!

Me and the DOP-Siew Yaw Hoong, on our knees considering our next move.




2 responses

27 11 2008

yes, looking back the smashing car incident seemed so funny. Freaky at that point though.

8 12 2008
Brian Liau

Had a great time working with you on this film, boss!!

I’ll jump at any chance to do so again.

Hope everything has been well with you!

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