“The High Cost of Living” showing at Sinema Old School

22 10 2008

My feature film “The High Cost of Living” is having a short screening run again at the Sinema Old School on 15 Oct (Wed 9.30pm), 19 Oct (Sun 6pm) & 25 Oct (Sat @ 5.30pm) The  screening on 15 Oct will be followed by a Q&A session with me :)!

If you have not caught my film, this is the chance! Tickets are S$6. The film won the “BEST FEATURE FILM” prize at the 9th International Panorama of Independent Film makers 2007 in Greece. Here are what some critics have said about the film:

“It’s dark, brooding, and filled with action and drama in a movie quite different from what has been made locally so far. Experience the difference!” – Review by Stefan Shih, movieXclusive.com

“Quite like the lone but impressive entry from Singapore (a nation that has come a long way making 10 films a year today, from one or two in the nineties) The High Cost of Living (2006) made at a modest S$ 100,000 (Rs 26 lakh). Debut director Leonard Lai Yok Wai’s saga of two committed, young, professional killers on opposite sides of the law stood out for its subtle tackling of other issues affecting the average Singaporean ranging from the abuse of Indonesian maids by their Chinese masters to the Chinese majority state’s trade links with mainland China.” – MAMI DIARY – ScreenIndia.Com

“Spin a plot with wild improbabilities and clever coincidences, and you got yourself something very entertaining, and that’s what The High Cost of Living is all about.” – Johnny Vong, Toronto-Singapore Film Festival 2007


The High Cost Of Living (M18)
The High Cost Of Living

Director: Leonard Lai Yok Wai

PG | Drama, Action | English w/ English Subtitles | 96 mins | $6

Cast: Timothy Nga, Roy Ngerng, Yeo Yann Yann, Andrea Lim, Brian Liau, Jean Low, Joseph Quek

In the modern city of Singapore, everybody has a set path to follow. But once in a while, someone attempts to step off it. The High Cost of Living centers on Gid & Long, two different yet similar persons on the opposite sides of the law. They are about to find out what happens to those who do.

Gid earns a living by eliminating problems for his clients. Terminally. He is a killer for hire but not a very good one. His actions have not gone unnoticed and his latest job has attracted the attention of the authorities. Gid soon finds himself being hunted by Long, a professional government assassin whose marriage to his wife, Sulee, is failing because of what he does.

Gid’s long-time friend, Aloysius and his girlfriend, Lily, becomes involved in the mess as he desperately tries to rectify the situation. Gid’s only hope is that he can get out before Long catches up with him. A trail of bodies lead all the main players to a high tension hostage situation where they will have to deal with not just the police gathering outside, but also with their own broken relationships inside. When it is all over, none of them will come out the same.

October 11, 2008 – 9:30 pm
October 15, 2008 – 9:30 pm
October 19, 2008 – 6:00 pm

October 25, 2008 – 6.00pm




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